3 Days Bwindi Flying Package

Uganda is a land of fascinating beauty and contrasts: From the snow – capped mountains to the Ankole rolling hills, the hot hazy Savannahs teaming with wildlife to the canopied rain forest alive with bird life, the chimpanzees crashing through the forest branches to the majestic gorillas chewing softly in the bamboo thicket. The meandering R. Nile twisting its way north words with sudden outbursts of roaring water falls, to the shimmering white sandy beaches and the friendly peoples’ smiling faces welcomes you to Uganda, the ‘Pearl of Africa’.

3 days to Bwindi Impenetrable national park – very good mid- range accommodation

Bwindi Impenetratable National Park Uganda

This rain forest is said to be 25.000 years old, making it one of Africa’s most ancient and most bio diverse habitat. The altitude of this mountain park ranges from 1200 – 2600 meters. The park is best known for its mountain gorilla tracking, ranked among the world’s premier wildlife encounters..

  1. Fly on schedule morning at 0745 or afternoon at 1245 to Bwindi national park. Transfer to the lodge. O/n, Mahogany springs FB.
  2. Transfer to the gorilla park for tracking. O/n Mahogany Spring FB.
  3. Fly back to Entebbe – morning or afternoon

Day 1: Entebbe Airport – Bwindi National Park.

Transfer to Entebbe airport for your flight to Kihihi airstrip near Bwindi national park.Road transfer from Kihihi airstrip to the lodge /1 hour 30 minutes’ drive. Arrive at the lodge and check in.
Besides its mayor attraction, the mountain gorillas (gorilla Berengeri) the National Park is also home to an amazing 120 mammal species, 350 species of birds, 202 species of butterflies and over 200 species of trees. The community in its asininity can give you experience of the local life style and cultural practices. You can discover how the locals produce commodities such as medicine, tools, soap, beer, baskets and food.

Dinner and overnight , Mahogany Springs lodge FB.

Mahogany Springs Lodge is luxury lodge in the Buhoma, Northern side of Bwindi. Located on its own private section of the Munyanga River, the gorillas can regularly be viewed from the terraces crossing the river outside the lodge.Mahogany Springs offers privacy and serenity blended with optimal comfort in a spectacular setting. At Mahogany Springs it is the little touches that make the big difference, from the tiny details in the design of the lodge through to the unrivaled service levels provided by the highly trained management team.

The lodge has 6 luxury and spacious suites, all with 2 double beds and en-suite facilities. Each cottage has its own private elevated terrace with chairs, table and stunning panoramic views. The suites are spacious with

large double doors and beautiful windows. There are power points in the rooms as well as a dressing table/desk. All suites have large en-suite bathrooms with a gorgeously designed open terracotta shower. For added comfort and peace of mind all the suites have an advanced mosquito net system that wraps around the entire area of the bed.

Day 2: Touring to Gorilla Trek.

Up relatively early for a hearty breakfast to give you the energy needed for your gorilla trek.Report at the park office before 0800 for registration and a briefing from the park ranger. Off you go with the guides through the bush pushing your way through the undergrowth, parting thick creepers, to track the gorillas. The trek can take from half an hour to 7 hours – a reasonable degree of fitness is required as well as a sturdy pair of walking shoes.

Once you are close to the group the guides will ask you to leave behind your bags as no food items should be carried close to the gorillas. Just take your cameras with you as you are about to meet the gentle giants! Sit in the forest among st the gorillas,listening to them grumble to each other and marvel at the sheer size of the dominant male; the silver back. It is an extraordinary feeling sitting in the dense rain forest knowing you are with a few of the last remaining mountain gorillas – sadly enough there are only about 650 of these beautiful creatures left. You are allowed exactly one hour with the gorillas before returning to the base station.

Please note: please listen to the instructions of the local rangers at all times. It is forbidden to approach the gorillas closer than 5 meters, to feed them or to use flash photography. Likewise for your and their safety! You will be accompanied by armed guards which guarantee your safety in an area where wild buffaloes are sighted. While walking, please feel free to ask guides to slow down if they are going too fast and if you need a rest. There is the additional option to hire porters on site.

The Uganda Wildlife Authority does not allow a trekking when you are sick as gorillas are very susceptible of human diseases. Should you feel sick the day of the trek we urgently advise you to abide this rule. In order to receive a 50% refund of the permit cost you MUST get a doctor’s report that day (please ask your guide to arrange this for you).

We must also stress that, while you have a very good chance of seeing gorillas, success is NOT guaranteed. They are wild creatures with no fixed routine and finding them requires the skills and experience of your tracker sand guides, as well as luck. The trackers and guides have helped to habituate the gorilla groups and know them intimately. They will take you to the area where they left the gorillas the day before. Before leaving they may be able to suggest how long the hike might be.

O/n Mahogany springs lodge.FB

Day 3: Kahihi Airstrip – Entebbe International Airport.

If on the morning return flight, have breakfast and depart the lodge at 0730 for Kihihi airstrip. Arrive in time for your 0945 flight. You opt for the afternoon flight, having had a hectic previous day, wake up to a late breakfast and relax at the lodge. You can have an early lunch or have it packed for you to have on the plane. Depart the lodge at 1230for Kihihi airstrip for you will return flight back to Entebbe International Airport at 1405 arriving at 1555.

Please note: Timings may vary depending on aircraft routing

For ALL on-foot activities in the parks (walking safaris, chimpanzee and gorilla treks) we recommend:

  • Long sleeve shirts and trousers (old clothes recommended as they can get very dirty and torn from the thorns and jungle foliage)
  • Insect repellent and sunscreen
  • Hat and sunglasses
  • Good comfortable sturdy hiking boots with good ankle support
  • Long socks to tuck your trousers into and Rain jacket
  • Cameras fully charged. Please note there can be very low light conditions and flash photography not being permitted. Waterproof rucksack (or plastic bags inside your rucksack)
  • Packed lunch and lots of water

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