Lake Nakuru National Park

“The Bird Watchers’ Paradise”

Lake Nakuru National Park Flamingos

On the floor of the Great Rift Valley, surrounded by wooded and bushy grassland, lies the beautiful Lake Nakuru National Park. Visitors can enjoy the wide ecological diversity and varied habitats that range from Lake Nakuru itself to the surrounding escarpment and picturesque ridges. Lake Nakuru National Park is ideal for bird watching, hiking,picnic and game drives.

Lake Nakuru National Park

Park Size:

Lake nakuru national park is in terms of geographical size. Large enough to give adequate home to millions of birds and animals like lions, rhinos, buffalo s, zebra, gazelles, giraffes among many others.

Lake Nakuru National Park Lions

Nakuru National Park Attractions;

  • Flamingo (Greater and Lesser) and other water birds including a variety of terrestrial birds numbering about 450 species in total.
  • Mammals: 56 different species including white rhinos,waterbuck etc.
  • View-points: Lion hill, Baboon cliff and Out of Africa
  • Hills: Enasoit, Honeymoon, Lion hill ridge etc
  • Waterfalls: Makalia.
  • Unique vegetation: About 550 different plant species including the unique and biggest euphorbia forest in Africa, Picturesque landscape and yellow acacia woodlands.
  • Cycle with rhino event every September yearly.

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